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June 25, 2022

Grunge is back - with some new colors!

Dear Customers,


Thank you all for the wonderful response to our first newsletter. Things are busy, busy, busy. 




We received a large delivery of Moda Grunge this week. It was very fun to get all of those boxes and open them up. It felt like Christmas! 


We now have all available Grunge colors on the website. This includes two of the four new colors. Supply chain issues continue to impact delivery for almost every business and we are impacted as well. Currently, 17 colors are back ordered, which includes two of the new colors. We believe most will be here soon, so keep checking the website or our Facebook and Instagram page for updates.  

With this delivery, you can now order Grunge in all sizes from very small charms and bricks to the very big extra wide. We have added bundles to the website again as well.  




Did you belong to our Grunge Club? What is a Grunge club you might be asking? The Grunge Club is a subscription service where you can choose to receive a bundle of 10 Grunge fabrics every month. You decide if you want to get Fat Quarters, Half-Yard or Yard bundles. In July, we will start this subscription club back up. This is a great way to build your stash and it's so fun to get a package each month.


We will reach out to those of you currently in the club to see if you want to continue. If you don't currently participate and want to join click here. 


Remember you can join with no long-term commitment. 


In addition to Grunge, we also have a Hoffman 1895 club. 



Our established customers already know about the 100-yard and 250-yard clubs. These clubs will continue and the great thing is you don't need to join - everyone is already in once you purchase any yardage of regularly priced fabric.  


As you purchase regularly priced fabric we track the yardage towards one of the reward amounts and will provide you balance on each of your invoices. Once you earn the reward, we provide you with a special discount code that enter at checkout. This code earns 100-yard club members a 5% discount and 250-yard club members a 10% discount on non-sale priced fabrics.  

Do you want to earn this reward faster? Refer a friend to our site and their first purchase of non-sale priced fabric will count as five yards toward your yardage total.  They must provide your name at the time of order.


This week the big move continued. We completed the inventory and moved the majority of the fabric from Carly's house into what will be the brick and mortar store in Purcellville. I'm very thankful to my kids, niece and brother who made countless trips back and forth with car loads of fabric. Once the fabric was moved, we moved the cabinets.  The girls worked all week to sort and organize all the fabric on the shelves.  

We are ready to fulfill your online orders. 



Many of you are asking - when can I come see and touch the fabric? When are you opening the store? We even had someone stop by looking to shop.  

As you saw in last weeks newsletter, we still have a lot to do. We had interior walls taken down in the front half of the store and all of the electrical wires were dangling from the ceiling. The carpet and other flooring had to be removed so the new floor could be installed, this included removing the toilets to lay the flooring in the bathroom. The team worked hard and finished laying the floor this week and it looks great, but there is so much more to do.  

We need more electrical work, some doors removed, lighting updated and other interior changes. Finally there is touch up painting to be completed. Once all the construction is finished, we can buy display cabinets, cutting tables, and the checkout counter. We don't yet have a date but we are working hard to get it all done.  


As new owners we plan to keep many things the same. We will continue to focus on carrying complete collections of basics and blenders. We know that is what you love and what you have come to count on Webfabrics to provide. The basics and blenders are the bread and butter of Webfabrics. We are working on getting everything that is available back in stock so the complete collections continue to be available. 


As much everyone loves basics and blenders it's super fun to play with and get new fabric too.  So new fabric is coming! We have been meeting with sales reps this week and have more meetings scheduled for next week. This is super exciting and can be overwhelming - luckily we have Carly for guidance! So many choices and so much fun! We have made decisions about new fabric that will be coming in very soon. We can't wait to show you what we ordered. We have learned so much about the fabric supply chain process. We order months in advance for things that you will see in the fall and are making plans for what will come in over the winter. The timeframe is maybe longer than you would expect but it's so exciting to see all that is coming out and plan for what will be in the store and on the website.

After completing the inventory, we identified gaps in our six main basics and blenders and will soon have complete collections again. As you see, Grunge has already arrived.  The order for Hoffman 1895 has been placed.  Keep watching the website as we will add things as soon as they come in. Of course we will share status and updates with you here in the newsletter as well as on social media. 


Thank you to all who have followed us on Instagram - go invite a friend and share our page. We are trying to keep you updated as things change and hope you enjoy the photos and videos. Have a wonderful weekend.


As always, it's fun to work with fabrics and "fabric" people!


Warm regards,  


Bev and Sydney,