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Payment & Shipping


When you order your fabrics, you are being asked about your payment and shipping preference.





We accept three methods of payment: directly by credit card, by PayPal or by check.


By credit card: Your card will get charged on the day of shipping.  At the moment you place the order, it is authorized for the amount of the order. The fabrics will be cut for you as soon as possible and we will not contact you, unless there is a question about your order.


By PayPal: customers who prefer using their PayPal account will receive a PayPal invoice from us first. This is done as sometimes changes are being made to your order (for instance, when we have less in stock than you ordered and you have asked us to send what we have). We are trying to avoid that you have paid too much and that we will have to give you a refund. Itís much easier to send you an invoice with the correct amount. Once the invoice is paid, the fabrics will get mailed.


By personal check: domestic customers who would like to pay by personal check will get an email with the final amount of the order. The fabrics will not get cut until the check has arrived and cleared with our bank.


Domestic Shipping

Within the US, we offer shipping per UPS and USPS.

As per Ocober 6, 2018, prices have changed.

• If you select UPS, all packages will be mailed "ground", unless you select the express way. Ground shipping takes between 3-5 days. Shipping per UPS is insured for the full amount of the fabrics and you will also receive a tracking number.

• Free shipping on any order over $50.00 (USPS only).

• If you select USPS the package will be mailed per Priority Mail and it will take about 2-3 business days to receive the fabrics. We will insure these as well. Orders up to $50.00 will ship Priority Mail or First Class for $3.50.

• Our UPS shipping rates are only valid for the contiguous USA. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will receive all their orders per USPS. These customers will receive free shipping per USPS for orders over $50.00. In case customers in Hawaii and Alaska prefer to have their orders shipped per UPS, we are happy to do this against actual costs.

up to $11.50 $14.99 $3.50
$11.51 to $50.00 $21.50 $3.50
$50.01 to $80.00 $25.00 FREE
$80.01 to $120.00 $29.50 FREE
$120.01 to $150.00 $39.95 FREE
$150.01 and up $45.00 FREE

Big and or bulky items (batting, rulers, mats, books) will come to you in special packages, fitting the size of the items. Those items will be charged the actual cost, either USPS or UPS. USPS parcels that don't fit in a flat rate envelop are charged a "balloon" rate. This rate depends on the size and the distance.

Since the actual cost can not be determined for every specific order in advance, WebFabrics will adjust the price for shipping once the order is placed. You can always ask us for a shipping quote and we will be happy to give you the exact charge.

Need it faster? If you would like to receive your package faster, please select "Express Mail" in the checkout process. We mail your order with USPS Express Mail (Next Day delivery). Express Mail is $22.95 for up to 8 yards. In case you prefer to have your order shipped per UPS next day, please contact us and we will send your package out as soon as possible against actual cost.

International Shipping

International Shipping has also changed per October 6, 2018. Packages with an international destination (non-US) can be mailed by using either: Priority Mail International (limited insurance and limited tracking).
• Express Mail International
• Priority Mail International
Up to eight yards of fabric fit into a single USPS Priority Mail envelope. Envelopes to Canada are $17.00. All other destinations are $23.00. Additional envelopes will be charged similarly. As an example, two envelopes to Europe will be charged $46.00 and three envelopes $69.00.

Generally, packages will arrive between 6-10 days. Tracking is available, but the customer is responsible for any duties. Only regular fabrics will fit in the envelop. For example, batting is too bulky. Items that don't fit in a flat rate envelop will be charged actual cost. We will advise you first!

Express Mail International

Express Mail will deliver the packages between 3-5 days. If the items fit in the flat rate envelop, the cost will be $38.50 for Canada and $49.95 for all other international destinations.